Wild Kratts Birthday Party

Wild Kratts themed birthday party ideas

I can hardly believe it! I am here to tell you about my FOUR-year-old’s Wild Kratts birthday party. Time can just slow down already.

This year’s birthday party was built around Asher’s favorite TV show, Wild Kratts! Television is not huge in our house but I have some serious love for PBS Kid’s programming.

I have always joked that Asher is a tiny David Attenburo as he is a sponge that soaks up anything told to him, especially animals facts. He is constantly telling us about this animal or that animal.

Wild Kratts Birthday Party

Once he discovered Wild Kratts, he has been pretending to have so many creature powers. He has learned so much about so many incredible animals. It is truly one of the most adorable things watching him act out his “creature power suits” powering up.

For those of you that are not familiar with Wild Kratts, it is a part animated and part actor show that starts Chris and Martin Kratt. Through their show, they share all sorts of fun facts about animals and their special “powers” as they often overcome challenges of local animal-napping villains.

Wild Kratts Birthday Party

Since Wild Kratts is a PBS Kids show it was not easy finding decorations but I was able to find a whole slew of Wild Kratt ideas from other awesome bloggers through Pinterest. Check out my Wild Kratts board here.

Even with all the great ideas out there, this birthday party required the most DIYing of any of the birthday parties so far.

Wild Kratts DIY Details

For decorations I reused the green streamers and leaves I made last year and repurposed them to create a jungle theme for this party.

Wild Kratts DIY birthday decorations

Decorations were focused around the colors green and brown to reflect the outdoors. Brown kraft paper was used to create vines that snaked around the food table.

Wild Kratts Birthday party ideas

I found the Wild Kratts fonts online and created a banner for Asher that was displayed on our fireplace.

Wild Kratts birthday party ideas

To tie in even more animals, I used all of the kids’ animal figures and displayed them throughout the party space. I kept the marine animals near the drinks for an aquatic touch.

Wild Kratts birthday party
Wild Kratts birthday party

Wild Kratts Cupcakes

To keep things simple, I purchased cupcakes with blue and green icing. I then placed mini creature power discs on each as the topper. To keep the toppers from getting gross, I laminated them.

Wild kratts birthday
wild kratts birthday party
Wild Kratts birthday party
Wild Kratts Birthday Party Ideas

Wild Kratts Party Activity and Favor

As an activity and party favor I created Creature Power kits. Kiddos were asked to bring a black shirt they could cut to create their power suit. Then each kit contained 5 creature powers. The kids were able to activate their powers by placing their creature power disc into the slot on their suit.

wild kratts

I can’t recommend enough utilizing PBSkids.org for party supply printables. Through this website, I was able to find creature power discs, animals, villains, and even the Kratt brothers themselves. I printed each of these in high color and laminated them. They were added throughout the party space.

wild kratts

As a tradition, we purchased a book for guests to sign that fit the theme of the party. This year I purchased this book. It has already been read over a dozen times by our little animal lover.

Wild Kratts Birthday Party
Birthday party ideas

The day was such a fun day watching our little animal lover running around pretending to be animals and loving his day.

Check out my Wild Kratts Board on Pinterest for more ideas!

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