First Time Homeowners!

The last 5 days have been a complete blur. I am exhausted, living out of boxes, stressed, and up to my eyeballs in to-dos. But it’s all worth it because my fiance and I are finally homeowners!

first time homeowners

On Friday we closed on the house. We spent Saturday packing and waiting for the call that the current owners had officially left. We spent Sunday morning loading up box after box and at 2:00 pm we received the call saying the place was ours and we could head over as soon as we wanted. We, along with our crew of helpers, went out to a quick lunch and headed straight to our new house.

first time homeowners

We were beyond excited to finally be in our home and be homeowners! We took a few minutes to take it all in before we started unloading our million boxes. We also made sure to take a bunch of pictures so we can document our befores and afters. As of now, we are still living in a whirlwind of crazy while we try to get things unpacked. But we are so excited to have our own home!!



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  1. Congratulations in your homeownership! I know it’s a late greeting, but I guess the greeting is still considered. Hehe! I’m pretty glad that you got a nice deal on your mortgage since it can give me the idea that you’ve got enough budget to pay for that loan. I’m pretty sure that paying the debt will not be hard for you. I hope you’ll enjoy your stay in your pretty house. 🙂

    -^ Armandina Skerl ^-

  2. I can see in your photo that your new house looks so exciting. I can think of many ways to do the interiors and exteriors of the house. Well, I know a year has passed already and I hope you can take us on a tour of your present house. I can see in your succeeding posts that you have your gardening and I think you have a cute interior design waiting to be shared. 🙂

    [ Lakisha Zimmerer ]

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