We’re Buying A House!

So after talking about it for a while my fiance and I have decided we are going to buy a house. We are both pretty sick of living in apartments and after some research we discovered there are some great loan options out there that will help us be able to get a house without a huge down payment.

I am so excited. I can’t believe we are going to be buying a house. We have just started the process (ie: talking to lenders and are waiting on the arrival of paperwork that needs to be filled out), but all I can think about is how I want to decorate. I feel like I have so many DIY projects running through my head that I am going to go crazy soon if I am not careful. But I can’t help it. I love to create things and if I can do it myself, well then why not.

I just hope I can control my excitement about our new house and get to work on wedding stuff. We still have so much to do. I am hoping to get a lot done over the next few weeks as it is Christmas break.

Christmas break goals include:
-First set of alterations on dress
-Make sure all the groomsman and bridesmaids have ordered their outfits
-Put together table numbers and finish painting table number frames
-Finish website information
-Call preacher about pre-marital counciling.
-Finish Aisle runner
-Finish ALL paper products except invitations and programs (to be finished in January)
-Finish 2nd garter
-Finish all “in progress” crafts.




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  1. A newlywed and a new house make a good match. As a couple who is starting to live a brand new life, cost is always a key factor. There is a difference between the cost of buying a house and the cost of living in the house. The former deals with the amount of money you have to pay for the acquisition of the house. The latter is the amount of money you need to experience decent living in your new home. Monthly utility bills, transportation costs, and other maintenance fees should also be considered. It is a never-ending bill, so you better prepare yourself. I hope this would help not only newlyweds, but also anyone who is trying to finding the right home.

  2. Just found this blog and wow, Darius seems to know a lot and just goes on and on. 😀 Anyway, it’s been years since this post, funny why he commented like that. Anyway, your latest post (One Year One Organized Home: Under the Bathroom Cabinet) is awesome. Great job in tidying the things.

    Oscar Lang

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