Well Hello October

Goodness gracious, is it just me or did September fly by? I don’t know about you but I both equally love and hate October. I love it for all of the obvious reasons: fall weather, pumpkin all the things, fallen leaves, Halloween, jeans and hoodies…oh the list could go on. But I hate it because October always makes the end of the year seem SOOO close and my type A mind focuses on all the To-Do’s that need to get done before we welcome in the New Year. And with that in mind…

Monthly Goals:

In regards to good ol’ September, well I mostly failed. Truth be told this month was one of the fastest of the year and if you couldn’t tell by my lack of posts, I was super busy and this month was over before I knew it.

So let’s review September:

 1. Complete a new bill pay system/organizational method. My desk is a mad house right now of bills to be filed, opened, organized. It is a hot mess that is really irritating me these days

I did clean the clutter from my desk and file away the stacks of papers. I even started on the new budget and am really liking how it is looking thanks to a new (to me at least) system I stumbled across at Michael’s. The system is the Recollections Planner Collection and I will be sharing more on my thoughts on the product soon.

2. Craft show prep: more on this later but I have been invited to my very first craft show. Eeee I am super excited but slowly realizing that unless I want to look like a schlub I need to get some things figured out.

I have been busting my booty sewing for my craft show and in fact I am completely crazy and actually will be doing one this month! O.M.G. I am so excited and nervous. I am totally geeking out on all things craft related. [If you haven’t already you should follow my new shop based instagram @knot_to_nest.]

3. Get back on that healthy lifestyle bandwagon! In August I not only fell from the wagon but rolled down a dirty ravine and hit my head on a rock and trust me I can tell. Time to get to workin’ on my fitness!

I am running my 6th half marathon this weekend and I am really pretty excited. I have no true goals other than finishing but I am excited to be on a new course and for 2 hours of uninterrupted time where I can let my mind wander. Of course I still am not on the exercise schedule I was in the summer but I am going to get there.

4. Finish our forever long kitchen remodel. Shoot me now! I swore it would only take a few weeks. Yeah I totally started with this in, oh, May I believe. Time to get my butt in gear already!!

Uh yea, totally dropped the ball on this one. Our kitchen looks horrible right now. Eh, can’t win em all. 

Now on to October:
1. Make a fall “Bucket List” for the family and actually complete the activities. 
3. Rock the October craft show.
So how did you all do in September? And what do you have planned for October?




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