Weekend Recap

Is it seriously already Monday? I swear weekends are not long enough! This weekend was thankfully pretty relaxed. We went to a family reunion for the hubs side of the family and spent the afternoon hanging out with family. Saturday evening ended up being an impromptu dinner with a local friend. With Saturday being filled with fun stuff, very little (okay nothing) got checked off the always growing, to-do list so I had high hopes of spending Sunday catching up. The morning started off with a 6 mile (7 for the hubs) family run that we were lucky finished right before a downpour of rain.

He works so hard on these runs.

Perhaps it was the rain or being tired from the run, but the remainder of the day included a whole lot of nothing. The little man and I made some homemade pizza for lunch, we napped, and we played with all the toys. By bedtime our house looked like a tornado had passed through and the to-do list was collecting dust. The crazy, organized side of me was a bit bummed by the growing to-do list, but yesterday was pretty amazing. I truly think days of simply doing nothing are needed and we certainly enjoyed ours.

Speaking of my crazy, organized side…I can’t find a planner I love. I simply can’t! I know there are some great ones out there but I haven’t found one that works for me and I am far too old school to be okay with an app or my phone. There is something so gratifying about pen to paper and physically crossing things off my lists. So I may or may not be diving into the adventure of creating my own planner/organizational system…maybe.

Hope you all have as good of a day as a Monday can be <3


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