17 weeks pregnant

Bumpdate: 16 and 17 Weeks Pregnant

Goodness I have been a horrible mom-to-be blogger. Kudos to all of you people that successfully post a bumpdate every week. I am officially 17 weeks but here’s a small ode to week 16. 

16 weeks pregnant
17 weeks pregnant

How far along?: 17 weeks pregnant

Total weight gain: I have been eating ALL the time this week. +3lbs but still down from my pre-baby weight

Maternity clothes: Last week I broke out my maternity yoga pants and this week I busted out the maternity khakis for a work convention [super comfy]

Stretch marks: None. Here’s hoping this lasts.

Sleep: Between bathroom breaks and a sore back, sleep is getting pretty difficult

Best moment this week: Not this week but last week I got to hear the baby’s little heartbeat at our 16-week checkup. And I think the tiny bubbles I feel are the baby moving around!

Miss anything?: Caffeine 

Movement: Nothing consistent but I think the bubbles I feel are baby moving.

Food Cravings: Seasoned fries and any other potato product

Anything making you queasy or sick?: Pasta and heavy amounts of bread. 

Gender: Still a surprise. Finding out in November. I’m still guessing boy.

Labor signs: Nope.

Symptoms: Nothing new

Belly button in or out?: In

Wedding rings on or off?: On

Happy or moody most of the time: Happy and calm.

Looking forward to: Can’t wait to find out what the little is!

Exercising still?: Still running around 3 times each week. Still lifting as well. This week the hubs and I completed a 5k together. Super slow, but tons of fun. 

17 weeks pregnant

The hubs and I ran our first 5k together. I ran cross country and track throughout jr. high all the way to college and a few half marathons since and he’s ran a 5k before but we’ve never done one together. We ran the Dragstrip Dash, which since he drag races, was a great combination of our hobbies. 

17 weeks pregnant
17 weeks with baby on board

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