Wedding workouts and Ash Wednesday

Workouts this week have been going great. We’ve been blessed with pretty warm weather and as a result I have had no excuse not to be running. I have also continued with Insanity and I am loving the fact that I am waking up sore. I haven’t had that kind of validation of a good workout in while. I am currently measuring, weighing in, and taking progress pictures at the end of each week (Friday) so hopefully in two days I will have some good news to report.

Lent is here again and as usual I will be giving up ALL fast food. My rule is: if it’s not a sit down, person brings it to your table, meal then it’s not happening for the next 40 days. I am also giving up SODA. I have said on and off again throughout this engagement that I am “giving up soda” only to sneak sips of the fiance’s drink at dinner. But something about Lent really holds me accountable so bye-bye soda and good riddance fast food.

T-65 days until I am a Mrs.! Ahhhh I can’t wait.



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