Wedding Crafts: DIY Monogrammed Aisle Runner

DIY wedding aisle runner

Creating a DIY monogrammed aisle runner is a simple way to jazz up the plain ol’ white-roll aisle runners and add color and personality to your wedding. To begin you’ll need the following supplies:  


  • Wax paper
  • Tape to hold down wax paper
  • Paint in the colors of your choice. I used acrylic paint from Joann’s and paintbrushes of various sizes.
  • An enlarged copy of whatever you plan to paint on the aisle runner. We used the M that was incorporated into all of our wedding stationery. We went to FedEx and for less than $5.00 they enlarged it to fit the aisle runner.
  • Number 2 pencil (I advise against mechanical pencils as they tend to be too sharp and can rip the aisle runner).

Steps to Creating A DIY Monogrammed Aisle Runner

Step 1:

Secure your wax paper to a flat surface. I chose painters tape to insure the wax paper wouldn’t slide on me.

DIY wedding aisle runner

Step 2:

Lay your enlarged picture over the wax paper followed by the aisle runner on top. You’ll want to make sure the unused aisle runner (the remainder rolled up) is securely placed on the floor or some such place to prevent it from pulling the runner off the table.

DIY wedding aisle runner

Step 3:

Trace the picture the outline of the picture with the pencil.

Step 4:

Begin painting. My suggestion is to start at the top and move your way down. After you think you are done wait 24 hours and return once the paint is dry to add another coat to touch up any thin areas.

Tip: if you’re using light paint, such as the aqua I used, you’ll need to make a few coats. Once it’s dry pull it up from the wax paper and you can roll it back up until the big day.

DIY wedding aisle runner
DIY wedding decorations
DIY monogrammed aisle runner

Step 5:

Roll it out and enjoy it on your wedding day.

DIY wedding decorations

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