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After receiving some coupons from Joann’s I decided to head to the store and check out what kind of sales they had hoping maybe to check a few things of my wedding shopping list. Since Jacob was down this week he came with and what I thought was going to be a quick trip to Joann’s turned out to be a three store, wedding shopping adventure. At Joann’s I was able to get the aisle runner for half off, some ribbon for bouquets, and the last bit of paper for our invitations. All on sale!

We then decided to head to Michaels and see what they had to offer. I hit the jackpot! They were having a sale on candles and candle accessories and I walked out with 12 white votive candles in glass holder for $5! I purchased three! Since we are doing an orange and light blue color scheme we snagged orange candles on sale (left over from Halloween) earlier and were just in need of glass votive holders. Michaels had 16 votive candle holders on sale for $5, we picked up two. We also got a basket on sale for $2 that I plan to make into the flower girl basket.
The last place we decided to visit was TJ Maxx. In here we checked out the home goods section and stumbled across a treat. Back story….I found a picture of a wedding cake on a white, vintage, SQUARE, ceramic cake plate/stand and I loved it! So for the last few months my mother, friends, and I have been searching for a cake platter similar to the one in the picture with no success. Well in TJ Maxx on this cold January night, I found it FINALLY. It was perfect. And what’s even better it was only $13! Snagged it up right away.
Quite a success!


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