Valentines Day Toddler Craft

Valentines day is a personal favorite of mine and combined with my love for crafting I decided to try my hand at a craft with our toddler this week.


  1. A blank canvas of any size. I chose a larger size because I knew I wanted to display it
  2. Painters tape. This will be used to block off your word or design of choice.
  3. Paint. I used craft paint and was careful to make sure he didn’t put it in his mouth. I went this route mainly because the children’s finger paint seems to be runny and doesn’t provide much actual color on a canvas.
  4. Dropcloth or protective liner. We used an old box cut to fit. And trust me if you just let them at it, you will need it to protect the floor or surface they are painting on.

Using the painters tape, tape off the words or shape you want. I went with the ever-expected word “LOVE”.

An afterthought tip would be making sure the tape is pressed down very well to the canvas because paint seeped under ours a bit.

Once your canvas is ready. Put some paint either on a paper plate or directly onto the canvas. Asher wasn’t too interested in the plate of paint, so I eventually just put some paint onto the canvas.

It was fun to watch him experience the paint. First with his hands then before long, he was crawling through it.

Once you (or baby) have had enough allow the paint to try. After the paint is dry, peel away the tape and display.

I will admit this is a messy activity BUT it is incredibly fun. It was neat to watch him explore the pain and the finish product has his tiny hand prints and foot prints, which are adorable!

Give this a try for your Valentine’s Day and let me know how it goes!

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Easy, hands-on craft for a toddler on Valentine's day


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