Update…we booked the church!

So over my Christmas break this year I had to have four wisdom teeth removed and soon to be hubby was awesome at taking care of me. Even with a swollen face and an inability to eat solid foods, Jacob and I were determined to get some wedding related tasks completed. As you may recall I did have a list of a few things I wanted to get completed over break, well sadly I must report we only got one of those things completed, but it’s a big one at least. We booked the church! We met with the preacher of Jacob’s church and he told us about what we have to do before the ceremony, like premarital counseling and such. We then paid the deposit and now the wedding is on the books: we are officially getting married April 27th, 2012!

It’s so exciting to put a date on it now. I still can’t believe it’s actually happening. Although it’s exciting to have a date officially now, it also means we are officially on a timeline and with only 15 months to go….we have things to get done.


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