Wedding Crafts: Garters round 2 and Here Comes the Bride Sign

So we are officially through all the paperwork and mumbo jumbo of house buying and now we are 28 days away from moving into our very own home! I still can’t believe we are home owners!! I am still so very excited about this and am looking forward to moving in at the end of February. Packing on the other hand….not looking forward to that.

With the house stuff settling down I was finally able to get back on to work on wedding stuff and had a pretty productive weekend. I finalized the menu with the caterer, order the remaining supplies for the invites, spent 2 hours without blinking to correctly input all our guests’ addresses into a label template, AAAAND completed 2 DIY projects.

1. New garters: 4 days ago I would have told you I only had one garter left to make, as I had made one around 3 months ago, but alas I fell in love with a new type of garter and so this weekend I made 2 new ones. My fiance isn’t in love with them, but I am and so these will be the garters for my wedding. They are both entirely made of satin ribbon (minus the pearl detail). Once I had mastered the rosette these babies were easy to whip together.



2. Bride sign: I have never been a huge fan of ring bearer’s pillows and here’s why….during my mom and step-dad’s vow renewal my twin brothers (2 or 3 at the time) were the ring bearers. They were absolutely adorable, dressed in their little suits carrying the little white pillows down the aisle. But while one of my brother quietly walked down the aisle neatly carrying his pillow, the other one decided this wasn’t his scene and after ripping his tie off he flung the pillow into the crowd and sprinted from the church. So needless to say I decided an alternative to the pillow would be used. I stumbled across quite a few different signs kids carry down the aisle and came of with this. I am so in love with how it turned out and it was super easy.


 Steps for this sign:
1. Print the words onto regular computer paper at the size you want them to be. For me I had one word per page and I used landscape orientation to print. 
2. Place the words on the foam board where you want them to be. Once they are placed take a ball point pen (I used black since I was filling it in with black) and trace over the letters. Be sure to apply enough pressure to  indent the outline into the foam board. Do this for all the words. 
3. Once you have traced the letters of all the words remove the paper. There should be an indention left from your tracing. Using a fine tip permanent marker, trace over the indention. Now you have the outline of the words. Fill in with desired paint color. 


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