The New Year Declutter Challenge

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I love a good declutter. It makes my soul so calm to rid our homes of excess stuff!

There is just something about heading into a new year that motivates people to find a decluttering plan and get their homes in order!

If you have ever been near an Ikea in the first months of the year, you know what I mean. An organized home is as sought after as a healthy body when it comes to New Year’s resolutions.

Now that the cozy holidays are behind us, people all around are ready to roll into the new year with a fresh slate and that includes a decluttered and organized home.

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After Christmas Declutter Plan

Now don’t get me wrong, I am the biggest fan of Christmas. I love to transform our home into a holiday wonderland. But Christmas, despite all its wonder and magic, comes with a hefty mess.

Decorations, gifts, wrapping paper, new toys, boxes on boxes on boxes. Things just seem to get messy really quickly.

Once the wrapping paper scraps have settled and we’ve enjoyed a lazy Christmas at home, I am ready to start cleaning up the place. I start finding myself getting antsy to find homes for all the new goodies. It feels refreshing to get our home back in order.

Finding a Declutter Plan that Works

As a busy mom of three, it can feel incredibly overwhelming at times to get our house back on track. Between keeping the little ones alive and the house from burning down, it can feel like there isn’t an extra second in the day to “declutter” anything.

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Since motherhood usually only provides a few extra minutes in a day, I have designed a no-frills New Year’s Declutter plan to get your house back on track.

Declutter Plan Tips

As busy moms, we are simply unable to take a full day and rearrange, declutter, and organize our homes. We have little ones running underfoot and mouths to feed. To make decluttering work for a busy mom there are few things that must happen.

1. One Declutter Project Per Day

This declutter plan is designed to focus on only one area or project per day. For areas that are a bit more involved, the plan designates two days. This allows you to declutter your home without having to put your whole life on pause.

2. Focus Only on the Task at Hand.

It can be easy to get overwhelmed when it feels like the entire house is in chaos. Perhaps you feel like it isn’t worth the work because it is just too much.

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By focusing on just a single task per day, you can manage to declutter, clean and organize your home overtime. When you focus on one area to improve at a time the progress is actually faster. As you check off each task you will start to feel the mental weight of the mess subside.

3. Be Honest and Ruthless When You Declutter

When you are working through a declutter remember your reason for starting. Are you tired of the piles of stuff? Does clutter give you anxiety? Are you feeling burdened by a house full of things you don’t use?

Whatever your reasons for doing this, remember them! So when it comes time to declutter a space, if something isn’t useful or doesn’t make you happy, get rid of it. Remove it from your space.

Having these extra things just means more stuff to dust, more items to clean, and more work for you.

4. Donate, Sell, or Trash… and soon

Once you have moved through and area and decided what to keep and what not to keep, you need to remove the items from your home quickly.

I say quickly because a box for the thrift store sitting by the front door can end up staying there for weeks if we’re not careful.

So when you are finished with a room or space, take immediate action. Broken items in the trash and put the items to donate in the car.

If you plan to sell items make sure you get them ready to sell. List them on Facebook Marketplace or online elsewhere if you are looking to sell.

If you are planning a yard sale or to list in a consignment sale, box them up and move them to the attic or garage. Our neighborhood has a huge community garage sale every year, so I keep items I am decluttering from our home in a few large totes in the attic. This way I can pull them out in the summer for the yard sale.

5. Find a Home for What Remains

Once you have sorted through, purged, and decided upon, it is time to get things reorganized.

This declutter plan is not just about ridding the house of what is no longer needed, it is also about finding a new home for everything that remains.

Making sure that everything has a defined home will make cleaning up easier in the future. Additionally, when homes are well defined our spouses and children will be able to put things back where they belong too.

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6. Organize for Use, not for Instagram

Social media is full of beautifully organized homes. From matching containers to vinyl labels. They look amazing.

So when it comes to organizing our own homes it can feel like it has to look like those on social media look. But the truth is it just needs to WORK for your family.

Pretty organizational totes aren’t so wonderful anymore if they are too bulky to use or don’t fit your space. When you are organizing your space, focus on usefulness first and beauty later.

Remember that some of the best organizational tools can be purchased affordably at any big box store and even The Dollar Store.

Join Me in This New Year Declutter Plan

My New Years Declutter Plan is designed to focus on one area of the home each week for four weeks. Each day of the week will be focused on a specific task within that room or area.

Whole home declutter printable

You can join me and start tomorrow or you can begin whenever you feel ready!

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