10 Months

Age: 10 Months

Weight: 2lbs
Length: 31 inches

Sleeping: This last month has been a bit difficult. Asher has taken to waking multiple times a night. Sometimes to nurse, other times just wanting to be rocked back to sleep. He is still sleeping in our room so it makes it easy to get to him. Over the last month he has been working on getting his top two teeth in (he has one through!) and also is getting closer and closer to walking each day so I think these big events are keeping his little brain busy at night. I keep trying to remind myself that these days will be over before I know it and there will come a day when he sleeps through the night and no longer wants mommy cuddles. So for now I will deal with being sleepy because I love those squishy cuddles. 

Milestones: He has a top tooth now! He also cruises around with no hesitation anymore. Before he was slow going and wasn’t able to sit down so he would just fuss when he wanted to sit. Now he moves from one piece of furniture to the next and drops onto his bottom without hesitation. He is also great at remembering where we are in the house. I can now just say “Come here Asher” and he will crawl to us even if he can’t see us, he finds us. He is also eating meat like a champ! He loves turkey, ham, steak, and chicken. This little guy has quite the appetite! 

Best Moments: Coming home after work! Every day when I get home he whips his head around when he hears the door, instantly starts smiling really big, laughs, and crawls as fast as his little body will carry him to me. It really sucks to drop him off at daycare each day but coming home to him every night is amazing! 

Worst Moments: Though I know it will get better sometimes I would just love a consecutive 4 hours of sleep. 

Baby’s Favorites:

  • Eating. He loves bananas, squash, sweet potatoes, and chicken
  • Being wrapped on mommy’s back
  • Playing peek-a-boo
  • Walking holding mommy or daddy’s hands or pushing his wooden cart
  • Blowing raspberries and spit bubbles. 


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