Target Dollar Section Finds

If I could I would easily spend my entire paycheck at Target. I seriously love everything in that store. Thankfully [I suppose] Target isn’t even close to being part of my daily drive so I am usually able to easily keep the temptation at bay. But luckily for me, work today took me by our local Target and well, with it being right there, I mean I had no choice but to stop. 

As any good Target shopper does, I stopped first at the always-wonderful Dollar section. Now allow me to give a bit of background to perhaps help you understand my excitement about today’s finds… I have been working on revamping my grocery shopping and menu planning process. I have spent countless hours trying to create my own pretty menu sheets and grocery shopping plans. All of which leads to me sitting frustrated on the computer and I eventually give up and turn to Pinterest to covet everyone else’s pretty, organized food methods. 
Well today the sun shined down on me and I stumbled across these beautiful bits of affordability. 

Each of the items above cost precisely $1.

 First I found a weekly menu planner. Each sheet lists the days of the week and columns for lunch and  dinner. Each package included 40 sheets. I snagged three of these beauts. A couple hole punches and this will fit perfectly into my household binder.

Next I found a grocery list. I usually use a notebook to make my lists but for $1 I just couldn’t pass up this pretty piece. This package also comes with 40 sheets.
Now these two are easily my favorite finds from today. Even though I can pull up a recipe for anything with the click of a button, I love recipe boxes. I have always had a desire to create one in hopes that my future children or grandchildren will want to see them. I don’t know if that will ever happen, but having pretty recipe cards makes jotting down all the info even more fun. The great thing about these cards is there are 16 per package and each card is heavy card stock. 
I love these little beauts so much I might have to head back to snag a few more 🙂


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