Tips for Creating a Plan for Better Health

Tips for creating a plan for better health

Hi Friends! Do you ever feel like your intentions for something are so great but you struggle to create a plan? For instance, do you want to improve your health but struggle to create a plan for better health? Isn’t it crazy how you can be so motivated, so on course, and something just knocks […]

Running My First Marathon and Marathon Training Recap

Marathon Training Recap for first time marathon runner

I have been a runner since I was in 7th grade. When I didn’t make the cheerleading squad I decided to go out for the track team instead and well, the rest is history. Over the years I developed a love for running and continued to run competitively through to my sophomore year of college. […]

6 Tips for Working Out While Pregnant

Working out while pregnant

Always check with your physician before doing any new physical activity. When I got pregnant with Asher I really didn’t miss a beat with working out until 20 weeks. I kept up with regular running and lifting, paying mind to how I was feeling and being sure to listen to my body. I stopped running […]