What is Block Scheduling and How to Use It

Having a daily planner is just one step in organizing your life. But simply having one won’t suddenly make you more productive. Today I am going to share with you block scheduling, why I use it, and why I think you should too. What is Block Scheduling Block scheduling is a process of scheduling that […]

Get to Know Well Planned Paper

As the Spring 2022 launch is winding down, you might find yourself wondering what is all offered here at Well Planned Paper. So let’s take a minute to go over all the products offered at Well Planned Paper. Digital vs Physical Products Here at Well Planned Paper, I offer both digital and physical products. For […]

Make Life Easier with a Daily Planner

There are some tools in life that just make our lives so much better that it is hard to imagine life without them. For me, my daily planner is one of those tools! I use my daily planner Every. Single. Day! I simply couldn’t imagine life without a planner to keep everything straight Today, I […]

How to Set Up Your Daily Planner for the Month

The start of the new month is just a few days away and that means it is time to get everything in order for the month ahead. Learning how to set up your daily planner for the month is an important step in maximizing this tool! So you’ve purchased a planner and are feeling motivated […]