How to Use Your Well Planned Budget Workbook

Taking control of your finances might seem like a scary thing to do. Perhaps you find yourself feeling like you don’t know where to start or maybe you feel overwhelmed by the idea of it all. Taking charge of your finances doesn’t have to be hard and I am excited to share with you exactly […]

Get to Know Well Planned Paper

As the Spring 2022 launch is winding down, you might find yourself wondering what is all offered here at Well Planned Paper. So let’s take a minute to go over all the products offered at Well Planned Paper. Digital vs Physical Products Here at Well Planned Paper, I offer both digital and physical products. For […]

How to Use Cash Envelopes for Cash or Card

You’ve probably heard about cash envelopes but if you prefer to use a card you might have skipped over this very useful budgeting tool. Today I am excited to share with you how cash envelopes aren’t only for those who budget on a cash-based system. Rather these envelopes are an incredible tool that can be […]