How to Enjoy the Holiday Season

Edited October 2022: As I near the holiday season this year I can’t help but think back to two years ago when we were so full of uncertainty and fear. Though COVID-19 has settled down in many places, there are still times when the holiday celebration we expect doesn’t pan out for one reason or […]

4 Tips for Planning Thanksgiving

The holidays are upon us! Believe it or not, Halloween is next week?! Though it feels like everyone is jumping straight from Halloween to Christmas, there is another scrumptious holiday in there we can’t forget about.  Celebrating Thanksgiving! Thanksgiving is a time to gather with our people for a delicious meal. A time to reflect […]

My Late Thanksgiving Recap

I am roughly 3 days behind the rest of the blog world with my “Thanksgiving Recap” but hey, I’m pregnant and it takes time to recover from a 4 day Holiday weekend. This Thanksgiving we spent the day at my family’s. I love getting to go home and be in the country again. It is […]