Summer Reading Tracker for Kids

children reading in the grass to help raise interest in our summer reading tracker free printable

Summer is officially here and that means it’s time for our summer reading tracker! We are putting up the school books for a couple of months. But that doesn’t mean we will be stopping learning. As a homeschool family, we usually end our school year early to mid-May and then spend the months of July […]

Creating a Daily Routine for Kids

Daily Routines for kids

Children thrive in routine. My kids in particular love knowing what to expect in their days, which I can relate to! When the quarantine was in place in 2020, my kids craved some routine so I created a quick daily schedule. I soon realized how important it was to have a routine in not just […]

How to Create New Year Goals

New Year Goals worksheets

I love a fresh start and I love New Year’s goals! There is nothing that makes me feel more on fire than chasing a new dream, tackling a new project, or planning a new adventure. January 1st has become to the world, the ultimate fresh start. People all around the world band together under the […]

How to Use a Monthly Bill Payment Tracker

Growing up, I remember my mom sitting at the kitchen table with a stack of envelopes and the checkbook. The process seemed simple enough: Have a bill, write a check, mail it off. Easy peasy. Every bill arrived at your home and required its own paper trail to be paid so forgetting to pay wasn’t […]

How to Organize Your Life Projects

Before our way of life changed due to COVID-19, I often said I wished I could pause the world for a few weeks just to catch up. The life of a mother is in so many ways, a never-ending high-speed train. Our physical and mental to-do lists can often feel overwhelming, overlapping, and always packed. […]

Free Monthly Habit Tracker Printable

Setting goals is something that is a great way to keep yourself driven and motivated and I love using a habit tracker to keep me on task. When it comes to accomplishing certain goals, often establishing new habits is necessary to achieve them. Whether it is de-cluttering your home or getting into shape or finishing […]

How to Set Up Your Own Home Binder

Creating a home binder

In many of my previous posts, I have discussed how mental clutter is a cause of incredible stress for many moms. With the continual to-do lists, grocery lists, meal plans, bill payments, household projects, and school schedules. Add to this the stress surrounding the current state of our lives, and one can easily see how […]

How to Use Food Inventory Sheets

Food inventory sheets are a tool I have used in our home for several years to help decrease food waste and make my shopping trips more efficient. In a past post, I spoke of how and why I developed these sheets in the first place and how helpful these sheets were to my meal planning […]

School at Home During COVID-19

School at home is not something that was in the plans for many households around the world, but with COVID-19 it is happening in most homes. As more and more schools close to limit social contact, parents are trying to navigate their children’s schooling at home. In our house, Asher was the only one of […]

8 Tips for Planning a Stress-Free Birthday Party

Birthday Party Planning

When our oldest, Asher, was turning one year old, I felt an overwhelming pressure to plan the perfect first birthday party. Hours. and I do mean HOURS, were spent, leading up to the day scouring Pinterest for ideas, creating invitations and decorations by hand, baking his cake and preparing food, and planning every detail of […]