10 Tips for Clearing Clutter in the New Year

Clearing clutter is one of the first things most of us find ourselves wanting to achieve in the new year. We are coming off the holidays that were full of family gatherings, food, and gifts. Over the last few weeks, we have focused on enjoying these moments with our people but now it is time […]

How to Set Up Your Daily Planner for the Month

The start of the new month is just a few days away and that means it is time to get everything in order for the month ahead. Learning how to set up your daily planner for the month is an important step in maximizing this tool! So you’ve purchased a planner and are feeling motivated […]

4 Daily Routines All Busy Moms Need

Mom-life is busy but having daily routines can help you to successfully manage each day. Motherhood is an incredible journey but keeping small humans alive and thriving takes an incredible amount of work. Add into that maintaining a home, handling finances, working, school… and before you know it life doesn’t feel like such an incredible […]

Tips for Selling in a Children’s Consignment Sale

I have been an avid children’s consignment sale shopper since my oldest Asher was a baby. Simply put, I love them! I loved the rush of the sale, the good deals, and even the time to myself to shop. So when it came time to say farewell to all of our baby stuff, I instantly […]

How to Declutter Your Computer

In a recent post, I shared the important of completing a digital declutter and now it is time to dive into the first place of digital clutter… your computer. Nearly every adult deals with computers in some capacity throughout their daily life and as a result, our computers are often cluttered and disorganized. Why You […]

Free Monthly Habit Tracker Printable

Setting goals is something that is a great way to keep yourself driven and motivated and I love using a habit tracker to keep me on task. When it comes to accomplishing certain goals, often establishing new habits is necessary to achieve them. Whether it is de-cluttering your home or getting into shape or finishing […]

How to Set Up Your Own Home Binder

Creating a home binder

In many of my previous posts, I have discussed how mental clutter is a cause of incredible stress for many moms. With the continual to-do lists, grocery lists, meal plans, bill payments, household projects, and school schedules. Add to this the stress surrounding the current state of our lives, and one can easily see how […]

Grocery Shopping During Quarantine

With the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic keeping us inside except for essential travel, it is important to keep shopping trips to a minimum. In order to make sure our family is staying protected and doing our part, I have changed our shopping habits. Pre-pandemic I was accustomed to meal planning and grocery shopping once a week. […]

School at Home During COVID-19

School at home is not something that was in the plans for many households around the world, but with COVID-19 it is happening in most homes. As more and more schools close to limit social contact, parents are trying to navigate their children’s schooling at home. In our house, Asher was the only one of […]