25 Experience Gift Ideas For Kids

We are heading into the Christmas season and if you are a parent I am sure you’ve received your fair share of the following: “what should I get ____ for Christmas?”; “Do you think he’d like this toy?”; “I saw this giant ____ and I bet she would just love it!” As family and friends […]

Letting Go of the Need to be Busy

“Mama what are we doing tomorrow?”, “Mama, where are we going next?”  These were the questions my four-year-old was routinely asking each day which made me realize our family was just too busy.  After our second was born, and I was no longer working full time, it didn’t take long before our days were filled […]

10 Ways to Be an In The Moment Mom

It can be hard to be in the moment. Time is fleeting. We hear that everywhere. Poems, cute memes, videos. The message is everywhere…time is flying by and the children won’t stay cute and snuggly forever.  Leaving The Dust Bunnies Isn’t Always Possible.  If you’re a mom you’ve read the poem:  Oh, cleaning and scrubbing […]

Reconnect With Your Kids: 5 Questions to Ask Each Day

5 Questions to Reconnect with Your Children

*originally published under my old blog knottonest Not to sound completely old-fashioned, but what has happened to face-to-face conversation? I remember as a kid being chastised for talking on the (landline) phone rather than in person but even the act of actually talking on the phone is a dying form of communication.  In a race […]