How to Enjoy the Holiday Season

Edited October 2022: As I near the holiday season this year I can’t help but think back to two years ago when we were so full of uncertainty and fear. Though COVID-19 has settled down in many places, there are still times when the holiday celebration we expect doesn’t pan out for one reason or […]

25 Experience Gift Ideas For Kids

We are heading into the Christmas season and if you are a parent I am sure you’ve received your fair share of the following: “what should I get ____ for Christmas?”; “Do you think he’d like this toy?”; “I saw this giant ____ and I bet she would just love it!” As family and friends […]

Simplifying the Holidays

As autumn paints our world with vibrant colors and the holiday season approaches, I find myself brimming with excitement. I love the holidays! This is my favorite time of the year! As soon as September rolls around I am ready to start celebrating. I relish adorning my home with Halloween decorations, mapping out the perfect […]

Creating a Pretend Christmas Tree for Kids

Easy DIY pretend Christmas Tree

Christmas is, hands down, my FAVORITE holiday of the year and I am always looking for new ways to make the holiday season fun for the kiddos. So I am excited to share this easy, affordable pretend Christmas tree set up! Pretend Play! After watching my littles enjoy decorating the Christmas tree so much this […]

Easter 2016: Toddler Edition

Toddler Easter Fun

So it might be a Friday and I might just now be getting around to finally publishing our Easter recap. Whoops, but hey it happens. This year we started our celebration off with dinner with the hub’s family on Saturday evening. The night included a small egg hunt for Asher which he loved. Come Sunday […]

Valentine’s Day 2016

Valentine’s day started uber early this year with a 6:15 wake up call from our tiny tot. Where he gets this “morning person” nonsense is beyond me, I tell you it wasn’t from me. I will admit I was super excited to give Asher his Valentine and treats. He has been OBSESSING over the “oooshin” […]

New Year’s Resolutions, Well Sorta

So I say sorta because well it is the middle of January and I am just now getting around to putting my goals down on paper. This year I will be adding another little one to the family so there are certain things that immediately top the list. These include: 1. Finishing big household projects […]

Christmas 2013

I am a little late to this holiday update [per the usual] but for good reason this time. We just finished up our Christmas celebration two days ago so I have been waiting until all the festivities were finished to post about it. This holiday season snuck up on me faster than any others in […]