How to Set Financial Goals

Does your family have financial goals? Setting goals is an important step in getting our lives where we want them to be. Whether it be improving health, running a marathon, or not eating out, goals are generally things we set out to achieve that will better our lives in some manner. And it is no […]

The Difference Between Fixed and Variable Expenses

Fixed vs variable expenses

As you set out to create a household budget, you will likely come across the terms FIXED and VARIABLE expenses. When it comes to setting up a budget, sometimes all of these technical terms can become overwhelming. In fact, it might make creating a budget seem like a task too difficult to conquer. So let’s […]

How To Make A Budget

How to make a budget is a question many people ask. And for many, it can feel like an overwhelming task. Creating and keeping a budget is highly recommended and important for all households. And the good news is… it doesn’t have to be complicated. Having a budget will help you see exactly where your […]