Nursery Crafts Sneak Peak

I am a lover of all things craft related, so I am sure it comes at no surprise that I wanted to add a few DIY touches to little man’s nursery. I have been so excited to share with each of you a sneak peak of the details for the nursery. So here is a […]

Making Scrap Fabric Useful Again

Pictured below is my scrap fabric drawer. As a crafter, this is my dump drawer where I send all of my “oh-I-will-totally-use-that-again-someday” pieces. Over the last year I have been dropping bits and pieces of left over fabric from all my completed projects into this bin with hopes of returning one day and being struck […]

Easy Craft Supply Storage

Craft Supply Organization Ideas

Loving to craft, but lacking in space means I have to be creative with my storage and organization solutions. Creating efficient craft supply storage is essential. As you may remember from this post, I revamped my craft space when we moved into our new house and now all my supplies are nestled neatly in our office […]

Budget-Friendly Fall Decor

Easy, Budget-Friendly Fall decor ideas

I have a love for all the seasons, but there is just something about the fall season and fall decor that makes me super happy. This year was especially exciting as it is the first holiday season in our new home and I couldn’t wait to begin decorating. Now if I had it my way, […]

Organizing all those Project Ideas

Organizing Craft Projects

My husband and I have finally settled into our home and have been basking in the post-wedding bliss for the past six months. Immediately after the wedding was over I took a long, much-needed break from crafting projects. As a DIY bride, I spent the better half entirety of our engagement making little projects for the wedding […]

Turning A Closet Into A Craft Space

A closet turned into a designated craft space

If you are an avid crafter, creating a craft space is essential for productivity and managing all of the crafting supplies. In my previous apartment, I was constantly completing wedding various wedding crafts. So much so that my dining room eventually looked like this. Having been my first go at a craft space, I must […]

Advice for the DIY Bride-to-Be

Advice for the DIY bride

So today I was at Micheals purchasing some last-minute pieces for our wedding when a woman stopped me and asked if I was much of a DIY bride and if we had a DIY wedding. When I responded “oh yes!” she then asked me if I did save the dates and if so where? how […]

Wedding Crafts: Garters round 2 and Here Comes the Bride Sign

So we are officially through all the paperwork and mumbo jumbo of house buying and now we are 28 days away from moving into our very own home! I still can’t believe we are home owners!! I am still so very excited about this and am looking forward to moving in at the end of […]

Wedding Crafts: Large Decorative Monogram

DIY wedding monogrammed decorations

My latest wedding project is this easy and affordable DIY monogram. It was inspired by something I found on Pinterest. I must say this site is the most addicting thing since Facebook. I seriously spent 3 hours pinning things one night. It is crazy. But I love it because I find awesome ideas like this […]

Wedding Crafts: Card Box

I purchased these square boxes from Joann fabrics using a coupon they were only $9.00. First step I cut a hole between the middle and bottom box. This will be the place where the cards will fall. Then I used hot glue to glue the lids to the top and middle boxes shut. The only […]