Grocery Shopping During Quarantine

With the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic keeping us inside except for essential travel, it is important to keep shopping trips to a minimum. In order to make sure our family is staying protected and doing our part, I have changed our shopping habits. Pre-pandemic I was accustomed to meal planning and grocery shopping once a week. […]

School at Home During COVID-19

School at home is not something that was in the plans for many households around the world, but with COVID-19 it is happening in most homes. As more and more schools close to limit social contact, parents are trying to navigate their children’s schooling at home. In our house, Asher was the only one of […]

Preparing Our Family for COVID-19

Preparing for the COVID-19 was not something many of us had anticipated. Truthfully, I wasn’t sure it was even something to be worried about until recently. But in the last week, things in the world have taken a turn that made me decide it was time to get prepared for COVID-19. I wanted to take […]

Packing a Home First Aid Kit

As a medical professional, I cannot state enough just how important it is to have a home first aid kit. Having a first aid kit in your home is important to handle all those bumps, bruises and scrapes that come with having active kiddos. Additionally, a properly stocked first aid kit can help manage those […]