Easy and Fun Birthday Traditions

We are nearing the end of our busy celebration Spring but I didn’t want to wrap it up without sharing some more fun birthday goodness. Today I wanted to talk a bit about birthday traditions. In my life birthdays are a big deal! They aren’t simply the day you were born. They are a day […]

Dinosaur Birthday Party

I am not yet ready to admit it, but Asher turned three years old and celebrated this week with a dinosaur themed birthday party! It honestly feels like he was just joining our family and now he is an energetic, non-stop talking, three-year-old. For those that know our little man, it came as no surprise […]

Two Years Ago My Life Changed Forever

From Baby To Toddler Tomorrow my baby turns two. TWO!? I know in ten years, his first few years of life will be a meshed together memory. But right now as I watch my one-year-old-for-only-another-day baby run around, I can’t help but feel like come Wednesday he will be heading off to college.  The Gift […]