Free Birthday Party Planning Checklist

Birthday party planning checklist

Once July rolls around that means our family is about to wrap up birthday party season. While I sit down to begin planning birthday #2 for our sweet Amelia (where did the time go?!), I wanted to share with you the birthday party planning checklist that has made my life easier. Birthdays Birthdays are a […]

Easy and Fun Birthday Traditions

We are nearing the end of our busy celebration spring but I didn’t want to wrap it up without sharing some more fun birthday goodness. Today I wanted to talk a bit about birthday traditions. In my life birthdays are a big deal! They aren’t simply the day you were born. They are a day […]

7 Year Old’s Star Wars Birthday Party

Our sweet son Asher has turned 7 years old! And to celebrate, he requested a Star Wars themed birthday party. Now full transparency here, up until one week before the party, we had never even seen a single one of the Star Wars movies. Asher says he chose the theme because he saw some “cool […]

Birthday Celebration During COVID-19

Birthday celebration during COVID-19 is becoming a big topic among mom groups all over the world. So many of us have little ones who don’t quite understand what is going on or the severity of the Corona Virus. In a few short days, we will be celebrating our oldest child’s birthday and unfortunately due to […]

8 Tips for Planning a Stress-Free Birthday Party

Birthday Party Planning

When our oldest, Asher, was turning one year old, I felt an overwhelming pressure to plan the perfect first birthday party. Hours. and I do mean HOURS, were spent, leading up to the day scouring Pinterest for ideas, creating invitations and decorations by hand, baking his cake and preparing food, and planning every detail of […]

Nella the Princess Knight Birthday Party

Just a few weeks ago celebrated our little Ellery turning three! This last year has been so fun as she has really come into her own as a person. Over the last several months she has been finding what brings her joy and it is exciting for us to experience. One of the things that […]

Super Hero Birthday Party

Superhero birthday party ideas. Easy, fun, and affordable

Last weekend we celebrated Asher turning five with a superhero themed birthday party! In all of the birthday parties I have planned, I have to admit this one was one of my favorites! Over the last year, Asher has grown to love superheros. Not any specific hero or even league but rather just the idea […]

Wild Kratts Birthday Party

Wild Kratts themed birthday party ideas

I can hardly believe it! I am here to tell you about my FOUR-year-old’s Wild Kratts birthday party. Time can just slow down already. This year’s birthday party was built around Asher’s favorite TV show, Wild Kratts! Television is not huge in our house but I have some serious love for PBS Kid’s programming. I […]

Farmer’s Market Birthday Party

Farmers Market Themed birthday party

Our little baby girl is one year old and we celebrated with a Farmer’s Market Birthday Party! How can it possibly be that we are already celebrating her turning ONE?! It feels like this last year has flown by so much faster than Asher’s first year did! Second child probs I suppose.  Since finding out […]

Dinosaur Birthday Party

I am not yet ready to admit it, but Asher turned three years old and celebrated this week with a dinosaur themed birthday party! It honestly feels like he was just joining our family and now he is an energetic, non-stop talking, three-year-old. For those that know our little man, it came as no surprise […]