Summer Reading Tracker for Kids

children reading in the grass to help raise interest in our summer reading tracker free printable

Summer is officially here and that means it’s time for our summer reading tracker!

We are putting up the school books for a couple of months. But that doesn’t mean we will be stopping learning.

As a homeschool family, we usually end our school year early to mid-May and then spend the months of July and June together as a family, out in nature, and learning as we do life together. But one thing that I don’t want the kids to lose interest in while we’re away from our “formal” school, is reading. So each summer I like to put together a little reading challenge for them.

This year our oldest is really into chapter books and our middle child is working hard on reading books by herself. Because of this, each book takes a bit longer to read.

Summer Reading Tracker Goal & How it Works

For this summer, I have made the challenge simply 12 books this summer. For my oldest that means twelve, level-appropriate chapter books. For my middle (and new reader) that means twelve level 2 readers OR a chapter book completed with mom or dad.

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To start, each child has been asked to think of a fun thing they would like to do after they’ve completed their reading challenge. Last year my oldest chose a day at the local go-kart place and my middle chose the candy store and trampoline park.

Each time they finish a book, they (or mom and dad) will write the title next on the line and they will color in the yummy summer treat.

Once they have completed their entire challenge, we will schedule a time for their fun reward.

The Benefit of the Summer Reading Tracker

Summertime is a time meant for children to run around, play, and soak up the simplicity of childhood, but that doesn’t mean they can’t continue to learn along the way.

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By completing our summer reading challenge, my kids will continue to practice reading skills as the summer days roll on. An added bonus is I get to see their personal interests continue to unfold as they pick up their books each week at the library.

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