Summer Bucket List

Working at a school makes summer time seem so much more eventful. No matter what department you work in, you still count down the last days of school and for two whole months life just seems so carefree. I love summer and I can’t wait to make the best of summer 2013. Each year I say “oh let’s do this” or “oh hey let’s go here” and sadly these things don’t always happen. So in an attempt to make Summer 2013 an awesome, productive, and memorable one I have compiled my very own “Summer Bucket List”.

1. Do ALL the antiquing, thrifting, and deal-snagging I can possibly handle.

2. Buy a super comfy pool raft and sit in the pool with a slushy, fruity beverage and waste away the day.

3. Read books. Real paper books. Good ones, cheesy ones, thought provoking ones. READ for fun!

4. Craft and create. I have far too many unfinished projects taking up space in my craft closet. I want to finish all these projects before I dive into anything new.

5. Run before the sun comes up. Enjoy the early mornings.

6. Host a couple cookouts. Having friends, family, and sunshine always makes for a better day.

7. Play disc golf, croquet, ride bikes, go for walks around the neighborhood… Be outside!

8. Take day trips with the hubs and friends.

9. Go to the farmer’s market.

10. Head to the racetrack to watch the hubs drag race.

11. Go to an amusement park and ride roller coasters.

12. Scuba diving with the hubs. Time to finish up that certification!



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