Sucky Days Really Suck

Some days are great, wonderful, the best ever in fact. Your house is spotless, dinner is on the stove, and your tiny tot is thoroughly enjoying the educational, yet fun DIY craft you put together. Your outfit is on point and you are feeling like super woman.

Jumping on bubble wrap = lazy entertainment!

And then there are other days that start at 3 a.m. because you’re six and a half months pregnant and occasionally plagued with insomnia that manifests into over-analyzing every parenting decision you have ever made in regards to your nearly two year old who is sleeping peacefully just a few feet away. You know you should go to sleep but you can’t so you fill the time google-ing stupid things like “signs that your baby isn’t well adjusted” or “signs that you have royally screwed up your child and he is doomed to be a social misfit”…you know the usual 3 a.m. topics of interest.

Before long your tiny tot decides it is time to get up and of course it is at a time the sun doesn’t even acknowledge as acceptable and demands “Eggs mama!”. So your day has started, you’re exhausted, but greet him with a kiss and a hug and press on with a smile on your face. You catch a break while you sit on the couch (who has time for tables at this hour) and feed your tot waffles because, well eggs were a ridiculous idea (his ruling, not yours) as you stare over at the ever growing pile of laundry sitting in the chair that needs folded and put away. You get lunches packed, everyone dressed, fed and out the door while you, yourself look like a mix between a homeless person and a college lush (hello forgot to wash off yesterday’s makeup!). You get your tiny tot to daycare and you head back to work. [thankfully you work from home so while you will be swamped with dealing with to-dos and other people’s problems they won’t judge you for your post-apocalyptic look].

The day will move forward at snail pace, you’ll cry more tears than you thought your hormonal self was capable of, oh and your supervisor will yell at you for something that is stupid and not even worth raising their voice over. You may feel like complete crud and want to curl up in a ball in the corner with a sign that says “FEED ME BUT DON’T TALK TO ME”.

But then, when your closer to edge than you’ve been in a while, your work day will come to an end. You’ll put your, maybe better dressed, self into a car and go and pick up your amazing tiny tot. He will greet you with the best smile and hug and cheerfully say “bye frains (friends)” as you walk out, and you’ll go home to enjoy the all the tiny things that make this life so wonderfully amazing and soon the bad day will melt away from your memory.

The truth is some days just really, really suck and being a mom makes those days even harder because as moms we are really tough, likely too tough, on ourselves. And on top of it all we also manage a LOT to give our people the best lives we can and sometimes that comes at a cost…our own sanity.

There was no real point to this post except to say to the other ladies of the Mama Tribe…it’s okay to have days where you might cry in the bathroom, feel overwhelmed or second guess everything you’re doing. It doesn’t make you a failure, it makes you human and most of all it shows just how deeply you care about your family. And as my great friends reminded me today,…


Cute baby eating snow because mama said it was too cold to go outside. 


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