7 Year Old’s Star Wars Birthday Party

Our sweet son Asher has turned 7 years old! And to celebrate, he requested a Star Wars themed birthday party.

Now full transparency here, up until one week before the party, we had never even seen a single one of the Star Wars movies. Asher says he chose the theme because he saw some “cool plates” at the grocery store and I said “okay let’s do it!”

Here is a look at our 7 year old’s Star Wars themed birthday party.

Because COVID-19 is still a very real concern, we did limit our party to 4 trusted families we see each week for our homeschool co-op. As always use your best judgement when planning gatherings during this time.

Star Wars Party Decorations

As I mentioned above, we are not (yet) a Star Wars family, so transforming a space into a Star Wars themed space took a bit of research.

For decorations I like to focus on two areas of our home. The first is our entry way. This is the first area guest see and it is a great way to set the tone of the party.

As guests arrived in our home they were greeted by a sign that asked them to sign our birthday Jedi’s book.

Starting at his first birthday, we began purchasing a book that reflects the theme of the party. We ask guest to sign the book with a special message. We’ve continued this tradition each year with each of our children. Over the years they have put together a wonderful book collection full of love notes from those in their lives.

Birthday book for Star wars birthday party
Birthday party traditions

In line with the Star Wars theme, all kids were offered a Jedi Costume and lightsaber. The lightsabers were easily crafted using duct tape and pool noodles.

DIY Jedi Costumes and Lightsabers

The second area of our home that I like to decorate is our kitchen. I find it fun to center decorations around our table and the party food.

Star Wars decorated food table for a 7 year old birthday party

We were blessed by a sweet friend, and Star Wars loving family, who let us borrow these two incredible Star Wars figures. They were the centerpiece and truly the best decoration of the party.

Star Wars Birthday Party
Storm trooper for star wars birthday party

Printing a few pictures and adding them throughout the table and on our traditional birthday sign helped tie the theme together even more.

Star Wars Birthday Sign

I purchased a pack of Star Wars-themed decorations from Party City and used them on the food table. I used simple black and white paper streamers to create a backdrop that followed the theme of the party. Star Wars and simple black table cloths finished up the decor.

Star Wars Birthday Party: Food and Cake

Long ago I resigned to the fact that I am not a baker. So all of our kids’ birthday cakes are simple and purchased from our local box store bakery department. I love using cupcakes as a way to follow the color scheme of the party with the cupcake icing. I also love using cupcakes because it helps to keep the to-dos of the party minimal. No need to cut cake!

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For this party Asher begged for his own cake so I did also add a small 8 inch cake to the table. It was a simple way to bring joy and make his party special.

I purchased the cake and cupcake toppers from Amazon. (I am not able to link to the specific set we used but click here for a list of other ones that are available.)

Star Wars decorated birthday cake
Star Wars cupcakes

Star Wars Birthday Party: Entertainment and Games

The weather all the way up to just a few days shy of the birthday party showed sun and warm temperatures. But sadly, Indiana weather can never be counted on and it rained the whole time during the party.

But it didn’t matter! We simply moved tables indoors and cleaned up the garage for space to play. The original plan had been to have a Jedi training course outside where the kids could use their lightsabers and fight off the bad guys.

Since the weather didn’t work with us, the Jedi training course was nixed and instead, the kids were given full reign of our spacious garage. And they loved it! Donning their Jedi cloaks they had pretend battles out there and enjoyed every minute.

It was a great reminder that kids don’t need over-the-top all the time. Simple joys matter.

Another planned but later altered activity was a pinata. Asher begged for a pinata and sadly all the local party supply stores were sold out of Star Wars-themed pinatas. So I set to work and spent several days trying my hardest to craft a Death Star pinata. As a newbie to the Star Wars world, I think it turned out okay-ish.

Because we were indoors we weren’t able to crush the piñata, but the kids were each able to scoop handfuls of candy out to take home.

DIY Star Wars Pinata shaped like the Death Star for a child's birthday party

The last activity that was pulled together the night before the party was watching a Star Wars Lego movie with special popcorn. I popped popcorn and let the kids add gummy bears, marshmallows, and/or chocolate chips to their bags of popcorn. Then they sat together and watched the quick show.

This was a great way to slow everyone down (after all their lightsaber action in the garage) before candles and gift opening.

Our Jedi Loved His Star Wars Birthday Party

Even though the weather limited what we could do, Asher had a great time with his friends.



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