Spring Cleaning for the Busy Mom

Spring Cleaning Checklist

Ahh, spring cleaning! There is something about the weather warming up that has me ready to open the windows and deep clean the house.

After being trapped inside all winter, it is nice to clean, declutter, and bring some fresh air into the house.

Spring Cleaning for Moms

For many moms, the idea of spring cleaning is a fun one but often feels like an unrealistic one.

Let’s be honest, it can be a struggle for us moms to have a clean and tidy house on a normal day, so how is one to add deep cleaning to that?

The good news is spring cleaning isn’t about getting your house deep cleaned and tidy all in one day.

In fact, spring cleaning is about wiping away the winter months, shaking off cabin fever, and preparing your home for springtime.

I have prepared for you a Spring Cleaning Check List that covers each room of the house. Included are the often missed maintenance tasks that should be completed each spring to keep your home in good shape.

Tips for Completing a Successful Spring Cleaning

1. Have a Spring Cleaning Checklist

Having a list means you can maximize your time without having to stop and think about what to do next. Sign up below to get access to my full spring cleaning guide. Use this guide to move from task to task without losing time.

2. Dedicate at Least One Day to Cleaning.

In the world of motherhood, this is a hard one BUT I promise it will pay off.

When you try to spring clean over several days, doing just a bit each day, you will find yourself exhausted and your house in a bigger mess than when you started.

If you can find a way to keep the littles entertained, or even better have the Hubs or Grandma take them for the day to free up your hands and house.

If you are unable to dedicate one whole day to cleaning, I highly recommend focussing on one room at a time to prevent bigger messes.

Don’t be discouraged though if spring cleaning takes more than one day. Focus each day on the progress you make.

3. Before Starting Make Sure You Have All Your Cleaners on Hand

Is there anything worse than getting into a groove with cleaning only to reach for the window cleaner and realize you are out? Make sure you have all the supplies you’ll need to clean ready.

Check out my Household Inventory sheets to make sure you never run out of household supplies again.

4. Complete One Room at a Time

As you move through the list you will notice that there are things that need to be completed in each room, but it is important you work one room at a time.

By working one room at a time you minimize the potential mess that can happen while you are cleaning.

You might be familiar with the phrase “it gets worse before it gets better”. Well, that can sometimes be the case with heavy cleaning like this.

5. Embrace the Excitement of a New Season

The best part of spring cleaning is that it signifies the upcoming new season. Before we know it we will be outside with the birds chirping and the smell of spring in the air.

Try to focus on the progress you are making while you clean. Open your windows, turn on some music, and try to enjoy the process.

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Spring flowers indicating the arrival of spring. Time to prepare the home with spring cleaning.


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