How to Use Household Inventory Sheets

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Have you ever been at the store checkout, certain you have picked up everything your family needed, only to get home and realize the family is running low on something for the home… tissues, toilet paper, or window cleaner? I have and the frustration is almost palpable!

In my last post, I shared how overwhelming the mental clutter and mental load of motherhood can be. As moms, we don’t have a lot of extra time in our days and it is frustrating to realize you have to add another shopping trip to the already overflowing schedule.

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After one too many times of reaching for something only to realize we were out AGAIN, and having to trudge back to the store, I created these Household Inventory Sheets to add to my household binder.

household inventory sheets

These sheets work similarly to my Food Inventory sheets. The Household Inventory sheets make it easy to know for certain what is needed in the home BEFORE I get to the store.

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I use these sheets to complete a review of our household supplies when making my shopping list. When we’re running low on something, it gets added to the shopping list. This way I save time and money!

In our home, the household inventory sheets are used to keep track of everything that we use that is non-food related. This includes:

  1. Adult toiletries
  2. Children’s toiletries
  3. Paper products
  4. First aid
  5. Cleaning supplies
  6. Kitchen and bathroom supplies
Household inventory sheets

Using the Household Inventory Sheets

Using the household inventory sheets is so easy! To begin, fill in each of the products your family uses throughout the home.

It is easy to forget or not realize how many products we use each day. I would recommend going from room to room and looking at all the consumables your family uses. You can use the list above as a starting guide.

household supply inventory sheets

Once you have the items listed, you can write in the quantity of each item you have or simply put a checkmark when you have enough of that product.

When prepping for your shopping trip highlight what’s low and needs to be replaced and add it to your shopping list.

Update the quantity when you return home from shopping or when you make your shopping list next time.

I recommend keeping these sheets in your household binder with other important and helpful household printables.

Saving Time Shopping

The main goal of these sheets is to save busy moms time. No more stopping in the aisle trying to remember what you need or getting home finding out you forgot something.

When these sheets are used you can create a shopping list that has exactly (and only) what you need. Saving you time AND money.

Household Inventory Sheets

And since household products typically have a longer shelf life than food there isn’t a need to shop for them as frequently.

Shopping for these goods often takes me to stores where I don’t typically buy a bulk of our food such as Costco or Target.

Rather than visiting these extra stores each month, I like to save time by limiting trips for these household goods to once a month.

At the start of each month, I review the sheets and add to the shopping list only the items that need to be replaced.

By visiting these additional stores only once a month, I am able to keep my other shopping trips throughout the month quick and painless.

They Can Work For You!

But at the end of the day, these sheets help to keep a shopping list focused and efficient. They will save time and money no matter how many shopping trips happen each month.

So if you’re not ready to shop for these supplies only once a month or to simply know what supplies you need when you create your shopping list, then Mama, know these sheets will still be helpful!

Using the home inventory sheets will help you create a list of only what you need when you need it! Saving you precious time and money!

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