Ribbons were nearly the death of me.

Two nights ago I came home from work and decided to spend the hours before bed working on wedding projects. The first project that came to mind, and probably the biggest, was centerpieces….so off I went. Well after about 30 minutes of fussing over the bows (that I couldn’t tie without it being crooked) I was so stressed I wanted to punt the tiny white buckets out the door and into the retention pond behind my apartment! So I gave up on those and began gluing ribbon to the votive holders. Now perhaps it was my already heightened stress level or perhaps hot gluing tiny ribbon to tiny candle holders is cruel and unusual punishment, either way this project had me covered in glue strings and it wasn’t going how I had it planned. So long story short….I am taking a bit of a break from wedding projects because otherwise I might be a nut case come the wedding day.

On a side note: my fiance is amazing and I came home last night to all but 10 buckets with ribbons tied around them. Who knew the vision of buckets with blue bows could make a girl so happy but it certainly did!
Also in other good news: We have found a DJ! Finally! I am so thankful to the good Lord for us finding this guy, he is perfect and his prices are reasonable. And I also found a bride on the knot who is selling her Tolbsy frames  and she is willing to sell me 20 for $15. I am so excited to get my hands on these!



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