Mid Year Weekly Planner – July 2024 to June 2025: Garden Party

Cover: Garden Party

Well Planned Weekly Planner – Your all-in-one, full-year planner to help you to reclaim control over your life and home!

This 12 month planner is designed to replace all those notebooks, and planners you’ve been using to manage life.

The Well Planned Weekly planner is designed to manage:

1. Schedules

2. Budgeting & Finances

3. Meal Planning & Prep

4. Grocery Shopping

5. Household Management

6. Home Maintenance

7. Personal Goals

8. Health & Wellness

9. Planning For The Future

10. Daily routines & weekly schedules

11. Food and home good inventory… AND MORE!

The ultimate all-in-one daily planner designed to help mothers overcome overwhelm, find balance, and rediscover the joy in motherhood.


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– Cover: Garden Party

– 12 months DATED, daily planner, July 2024 to June 2025

– Includes monthly and 7-day weekly spreads.

– 12 full-color mylar tabs for each month of the year

– Neutral internal pages leave open the possibility of adding color as you feel.

– 8.5 x 11 in spread provides breathing room & space to handle busy life

– Each day of the week includes: hourly scheduling, meal planning, Daily “Top 3”, personal wellness, and intentional gratitude

– Each week includes: habit tracking, running to-do list, encouraging words, and weekly “Top 3”

– Each month includes: budget assessment sheet, expense tracking sheets, 5 weekly grocery shopping list pages, and open-ended notes page 


The Planner Also Includes:

1. Goal planning worksheets: Yearly and Quarterly

2. Budget development sheets

3. Important dates and yearly overview planning pages

4. Food inventory and home goods inventory sheets

5. Monthly cleaning schedules 

6. Routine & rhythm creation sheets 

7. Routine home maintenance sheets 

8. Home and life project lists

9. Quartly Goal Evaluation and Adjustment


– Printed on 70lb white paper for a crisp look and durability.

– Spiral bound with durable metal, plastic-coated, coil to ensure your planner pages stay put and protected.

– Cover: durable 14 mm polypaper plastic that will withstand the busyness of life.


Commonly Asked Questions

1. How is this different from any other daily planner on the market?

All the Well Planned brand planners go beyond just managing schedules. Both the Daily and Weekly planners are more than just planners, they each include tools for budgeting, meal planning, grocery and home-goods shopping, household cleaning, home and life project organization, mental health tools, goal planning, household maintenance, and more.


2. What is the difference between the Daily and Weekly Planners?
The Well Planned Daily planner is an undated,  6 month planner with a single-day spread per page whereas the Well Planned Weekly planner is a dated, 12 month planner that includes an entire week’s view in a 2-page spread. The Well Planned Weekly is a dated planner while the Well Planned Daily planner is an undated planner giving users the option of starting their organizational journey whenever they want.
3. How are these extra tools integrated into the planner?

The Well Planned Weekly Planner is your ultimate partner in conquering daily tasks with minimal effort. This purpose-driven planner guides you through a streamlined setup process right from the beginning. Here’s what it offers:

  1. Strategic Kickstart: Start by setting up your monthly budget, establishing life rhythms and routines, and defining your yearly goals.
  2. Monthly & Weekly Views: Dive into each month with comprehensive weekly and monthly views, ensuring you stay on top of your schedule.
  3. Mental Clarity: Experience the liberating feeling of decluttering your mind with dedicated space for brain dumps, to-do lists, and important dates.
  4. Meal Planning & Grocery Lists: Seamlessly plan your weekly meals and jot down grocery lists, simplifying your shopping routine each week.
  5. Financial Mastery: Stay on track with your financial objectives using the included budgeting tools that span across every month.
  6. Holistic Organization: Find broader tools like inventory lists, cleaning schedules, and project trackers at the planner’s conclusion.

The Well Planned Weekly Planner is more than just a scheduler; it’s your comprehensive toolkit for simplifying your life and achieving your goals effortlessly.

4. What size is the planner?

All Well Planned Paper Brand Planners are specifically designed for busy moms so they are a spacious 8.5×11 inches or the size of a standard notebook. This will allow you adequate space to include the whole family’s schedules, make notes, and manage to-do lists.

5. What is this planner made of?
Well Planned brand Planners are made of bright white 70 lb paper. Planners are bound with a durable spiral binding that allows the planner to lay flat when open. The bright cover is also crafted from a durable plastic composite that you can easily wipe clean. This planner will handle all life throws at it.
6. Does ink bleed through the paper?
No! The paper used for Well Planned Paper brand planners is thick enough to stand up to all pen types without bleed.