UNDATED 6 Month Daily Planner – Garden Party

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Cover: Garden Party

Well Planned Daily Planner – Your all-in-one planner!

Designed for busy moms by a busy mom!

This 6-month planner is designed to replace all those notebooks, notepads, and planners you’ve been using to manage life.

One Planner to Manage:

1. Schedules

2. Budgeting & Finances

3. Meal Planning & Prep

4. Grocery Shopping

5. Household Management

6. Home Maintenance

7. Personal Goals

8. Health & Wellness

9. Planning For The Future

10. Daily routines & weekly schedules

11. Food and home good inventory… AND MORE!

The Ultimate all-in-one daily planner designed for busy moms by a busy mom.


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– Cover: Garden Party

– 6 months UNDATED, daily planner

– Includes monthly and daily weekday spreads

– 8.5 x 11 in spread provides breathing room & space to handle busy life

– Each month includes: budget assessment sheet, expense tracking sheets, 5 weekly meal planning & grocery shopping list pages, and open-ended notes page 


The Planner Also Includes:

1. Goal planning worksheets

2. Budget development sheets

3. Important dates and contact information pages

4. Food inventory and home goods inventory sheets

5. Monthly cleaning schedules 

6. Routine & rhythm creation sheets 

7. Routine home maintenance sheets 

8. Home and life project lists


– Printed on 70lb white paper with rounded corners for a crisp look and durability.

– Spiral bound with durable plastic to ensure your planner pages stay put and protected.

– Cover: durable 14 mm plastic that will withstand the busyness of life.


Commonly Asked Questions

1. How is this different from any other daily planner on the market?

The Well Planned Daily Planner goes beyond just managing schedules. This planner includes tools for budgeting, meal planning, shopping, household cleaning, home and life projects, mental health tools, goal planning, household maintenance, and more.

2. How are these extra tools integrated into the planner?
The goal of the Well Planned Daily Planner was to make sure you were able to tackle your to-dos with the least amount of work. So the planner is designed to walk you through a set-up at the beginning. In this section, you will create your monthly budget, life rhythms and routines, and set up your 6-month goals. Then each month includes not just daily and monthly views, but also space to clear your head and organize your to-dos/important dates/etc. Each month includes space for weekly meal planning and grocery shopping lists as well as budgeting tools to help you stay on track with your financial goals. Broader tools such as inventory lists, cleaning lists, and project lists are located at the end of the planner.

3. Why a 6 month planner?

This planner is packed full of tools that replace all those random notebooks, sticky notes, and printables you carried around before. This means you no longer have to use energy looking for all that stuff. Instead, it is all neatly bound in your Well Planned Daily Planner. To keep the size of the planner manageable and user-friendly, covering 6 months was decided. Additionally, seeing life in a 6-month span vs a 12-month span will help you to better manage your to-dos without feeling overwhelmed.

4. What size is the planner?

The Well Planned Daily Planner is specifically designed for busy moms so it is a spacious 8.5×11 inches or the size of a typical notebook. This will allow you adequate space to include the whole family’s schedules, make notes, and manage to-do lists.

5. What is this planner made of?
Well Planned Daily Planners are made of bright white 70 lb paper. The planner is bound with a durable spiral binding that allows that planner to lay flat when open. Additionally, the bright cover is crafted from a durable plastic composite that you can wipe clean. It will handle all life throws at it.
6. Does ink bleed through the paper?
No! The paper used for Well Planned Daily Planners is thick enough to stand up to all pen types without bleed.
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