Preparing Our Family for COVID-19

Preparing for the COVID-19 was not something many of us had anticipated. Truthfully, I wasn’t sure it was even something to be worried about until recently. But in the last week, things in the world have taken a turn that made me decide it was time to get prepared for COVID-19.

I wanted to take some time to share with you how my family is preparing for and handling the COVID-19 virus. I understand each family’s needs are different so understand this is simply what we are doing to prepare and handle the situation.

How We Are Preparing for COVID-19

1. Purchase One Month Worth of Food

There is no need to hoard food and supplies but purchasing enough to keep your family fed for 3-4 weeks is what is currently being recommended.

The truth is the recommendation of social distancing means we should all do our duty of staying home for the next 3-4 weeks.

During this time of social distancing grocery stores will be open so there is no need to hoard several months’ worth of food. Planning one month ahead will ensure your family is doing its part to flatten the curve.

Food storage for COVID-19

In our family, I have purchased food I know we will eat no matter the circumstances but in slightly larger quantities. We typically shop once a week but to follow the current recommendation, I purchased enough to last one month.

We do not have a large pantry so our extra food is simply stored in a closet off of our living room.

Additional Tip: Take an inventory of your food and from there make a list of meals you can make. Complete one last shopping trip to finalize a month worth of meals.

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2. Purchase Food that Will be Consumed

This virus and the state of the world might seem scary but this is not the time to swipe every non-perishable off the shelf. I simply bought our typical food items that can stand the test of time.

I recommend purchasing snacks and ingredients to make meals you know your family will eat.

For meals, I have purchased ingredients for a few of our favorites which include: beef chili, white chicken chili, tacos, chicken and rice, spaghetti, chicken noodle soup, grilled cheese and tomato soup, pancakes/waffles… just to name a few.

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These meals will feed us for a few days with leftovers and are made with shelf-stable or freezer food items. And best of all, our family will eat them.

I have also increased our frozen fruits and veggies inventory to make sure we are still getting well-rounded meals in smoothies and soups or side dishes.

3. Don’t Forget Children’s Snacks

Most little ones aren’t really aware of what is happening right now. We’ve told our crew that life is just “paused” for now but that will be having fun at home.

Snacks are of the utmost importance for many little ones, so make sure you have their favorites in stock.

I’ve stocked up on:

  • granola bars
  • fig bars
  • apple sauce
  • fruit
  • cheese crackers
  • fruit snacks
  • pudding
  • jello

4. Buying a Reasonable Amount of Paper Products

Buy a reasonable amount of toilet paper, paper towels, and PT. A month’s worth at the absolute most. You do not need a year’s worth and frankly, shame on you if you are hoarding supplies in hopes of profiting from this scary time.

We shop regularly at Costco so we were already well-stocked with TP, tissues, and paper towels.

4. Stock up Other Household Goods

I typically shop for our household goods once a month so we are set for the month of March, but I encourage you to go through and make sure you have a back-up of each of the items you use daily.

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This is a great time to grab an extra of disinfecting wipes or spray and hand soap.

5. Buying a Month’s Worth Amount of Baby Supplies

Our tiny Amelia uses cloth diapers but we like to keep a smaller bag of disposables on hand just in case. I purchased two smaller bags and feel more than prepared.

Though the news and social media seem scary right now, I am comfortable and feel our family is prepared with 2-3 weeks worth of supplies.

6. Prepare a First Aid Kit

I can’t recommend enough having a first aid kit in your home. As a medical professional it makes me beyond nervous to not have one! Click here to see what I include in our home first aid kit. 

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First aid kit stocked for home use

7. Have a Plan for How To Spend Your Days

We have been asked as a people to socially distance ourselves from one another to hopefully find our way out from under this pandemic.

I will be the first to admit that changes in my schedule are not something I enjoy. I am a person who thrives on organizing and planning ahead.

In order to maintain some degree of routine in our days, I decided to put together a schedule for our days. Being home with three little ones means without any degree of routine, our lives will dissolve into a way that will make everyone stressed and worse off.

Now, I will be the first to admit we have already deviated from this schedule BUT it has still been helpful to give us some framework for our days.

Schedule for kids staying home during the Corona virusrus

Having a schedule doesn’t mean things have to be rigidly followed or that the house must be filled with stress. A schedule simply helps move the day forward. For Type-A folks like me, this sort of structure is helpful and eases the anxiety of a changed schedule.

This schedule has been great in helping to make sure the important things are completed each day such as schoolwork and brushing their teeth.

Important things to remember

1. Practice good handwashing and stay home!

Even though most of us are not sick that doesn’t mean we aren’t possibly a carrier of this virus. We as a world need to come together and do our part to stop this virus from getting any worse.

I know it can be hard to stay home, especially when our culture is so very much go-go-go. BUT now is the time to find peace at home with your people.

2. Remember: This isn’t forever

Being asked to change our daily schedules is hard. It isn’t easy being asked to stay home but be patient and find try to peace in this mandated power down.

Read those books you’ve been holding on to, get on the floor with your kids, finish that home project or declutter your home.

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This is a time to focus on the simple times together as a family

3. Stay Up to Date on the status of COVID-19

Social media is full of people making their own assumptions and predictions on what is happening in the world today.

Keeping up to date with what is happening by visiting the World Health Organization website.



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