Post-Partum Gift Basket to Help Mom Heal and Recover

Create a gift for mom after the birth of her baby. Help mom heal with a selection of helpful products and treats.

Pregnancy, birth, and motherhood are really, truly very beautiful things! BUT they can also be messy and no part is messier than the first few weeks post-partum (am I right veteran moms?!)

When a close friend was expecting her first little one I wanted to get her a post-partum gift that would be useful for HER. So often the blessing of gifts are poured over the baby and not so much mom and I wanted this to be something for her to use and enjoy. I put together a post-partum gift of a small basket of goodies I found useful in the days after my kiddos were born.

The Post-Partum Gift Basket

Here’s the low-down on the goodies of this basket.

  • Pads: without getting too gross. You need them for a long while and these “smaller” ones are a bit more comfortable than the hospital life preservers.
  • Tuck’s Pads: the nitty gritty is that things ‘down there’ will feel like they’ve been through a lawnmower for a bit. Chill these and place a folded in half one atop your pad. Trust me…you will thank me!
Post-Partum gift basket for mom
  • Breast Pads: If mom chooses to breastfeed she may need these for leaking. For women that leak, often the first few weeks it is at its worse due to supply trying to regulate.
  • Burp cloth: Babies are messy…end of story.
post-partum gift basket for mom
  • Pain reliever: Should mom need it, these are easy over-the-counter options. Of course, always listen to your provider’s recommendations.
  • Stool softener: the first poo can be, well, traumatizing. Use em’.
  • A journal: the first days, weeks, even months will be a blur. Write it all down. They don’t have been long, thoughtful entries, just doodle about what is happening. Write about your late nights and shrinking belly. Doodle babies name and jot down what your days together look like. You will cherish these entries later I promise!
  • A fun water bottle or cup: caring for yourself post-delivery is the MOST important thing you can do for baby so make sure you always have snacks and water at hand. Plus if you are breastfeeding you will feel like the Sahara at times.
  • CHOCOLATE: or some other fun treat. You just squeezed a human out of your body…eat the damn chocolate… you deserve it!
post-partum gift basket for mom

So there it is. Put it all in a nice basket (that can also be useful later for holding all of baby’s things) and let the mama know you’re there if she needs you!

post-partum gift basket for mom

These are just some ideas but a million others could be added. What were your favorite post-partum tools or goodies?

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