Our Scuba Diving Adventure

This weekend was all about checking off one major goal on my summer bucket list. This weekend the hubs and I finished up our open water scuba certification. We went diving the first time on our honeymoon last year in Jamaica and it was amazing. The water was crystal clear and it was warm enough to dive in a suit and t-shirt.

I miss that crystal blue water!
This weekend’s dives were a little less beautiful or warm but they were fun either way. You see, being from the Midwest we didn’t have the facilities to complete our certification in a place as beautiful as Jamaica, but this weekend was full of four pretty fun dives. We dove with a group in a quarry in northern Indiana. The quarry had a bunch of Blue Gill fish and a few boats and even a plane sunk at the bottom. Despite the warmer summer weather the water was still only 60ish degrees so we were required to wear a bit more than just a t-shirt. Side note… getting into a 7mm wet-suit is easily in my top 10 for the hardest (and most unattractive) things for a girl to do. 

My handsome hubs ready to go down to see the sunken plane.

Cold water aside this weekend was a ton of fun. I can’t wait until our scuba adventures take us back to a tropical wonderland.  


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