Sharing Exciting News on Our New Home!

New house

I am so excited to share that we have a new home! We’ve bought a new house and also sold our current home!

The Chaos of an Unexpected Purchase

What I didn’t mention is that all of this happened in less than two weeks! You see it all started when I mentioned to the Hubs that we should meet with a realtor because houses were flying off the market in our area and I was worried we might miss out on the seller’s market.

I wanted to meet with a realtor to set up a relationship and get their advice on what we should do to our current home to optimize it for the seller’s market.

Our first home was a wonderful home for newlyweds and a great place to start a family. I have loved it, truly, but with the addition of little Miss Ellery it was apparent we were outgrowing it. We needed to move on.  

Things Progressed Quickly

At the time of our meeting, we weren’t serious about selling until the spring. The hubs agreed that meeting with a realtor was a good idea so we could begin prepping our home to list.

So we put some feelers out and got connected with a wonderful realtor in the area. She came over and toured our current home and we explained that we weren’t in a huge rush and at the earliest we’d, maybe, be ready to list our home in October.

Our meeting was pretty casual and after hearing what hopes we had for our next home, she set us up with email alerts. The idea was to get us familiar with costs and selection of home in the area. We would be able to see homes fitting our criteria so we could get an idea of what was on the market over the next several months.

The Hubs and I made it very obvious that we weren’t looking to move any time soon, so I am sure it came as quite a surprise to our realtor when we called her THE. NEXT. DAY crazy excited to look at a home that had just come on the market.

The house had been on the market less than twelve hours when we set up our walk-thru and on the surface, it seemed to fit all of our criteria:  

Our New House Criteria

  1. MORE space. We’ve been busting out of the seams of our current home since Asher became mobile. We wanted more indoor AND outdoor space
  2.  Four bedrooms. We want our children to be able to have their own rooms
  3. Solidly in our desired school district
  4.  Off any busy streets
  5. Space for a home office
  6. Space for a designated play area
  7. Open concept kitchen/living area

Our New Home!

From the moment we pulled up to this new house, I knew this was our new home. It is spacious but cozy. There is a huge backyard for playing and space for entertaining. And the neighborhood is absolutely wonderful!

New Home

So here we are, just a few months beyond that crazy week, about to close on our old house and sign on our new one! We are so excited for the adventures that await us in this new place!

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