Organizing all those Project Ideas

Organizing Craft Projects

My husband and I have finally settled into our home and have been basking in the post-wedding bliss for the past six months.

Immediately after the wedding was over I took a long, much-needed break from crafting projects.

As a DIY bride, I spent the better half entirety of our engagement making little projects for the wedding and stressing over each and every detail. This juggling act led to a very stressed out lady in white.

The Love of Craft Projects

While the break was welcomed and much needed, I am happy to say that I am back to the DIY way of life and  I have a list (or two) full of projects to show for it.

Each and every one of these projects makes me giddy, excited, and ready to drop everything and drive to the nearest craft store to scoop up all the necessary supplies. But alas money and my work schedule prevent me from doing so.

Organizing Craft Projects

I knew it would be important to find a way to organize these craft projects so that I could focus on just one at a time. My goal was to create a system where the hubs and I could select a single project to focus on and follow it to completion.

Operation: Organizing craft projects needed to be clean and easy to use. I wanted to make sure there was also a way to distinguish the depth of each craft project.

This little hurdle led me to create another project to prioritize/organize my craft projects.

Craft Project Organizer 

Organizing Craft Projects

Steps to Create Your Own Craft Project Organizer


  • Tongue depressors
  • Paint of various colors
  • Clear jar or container
  • Fine tip marker


  • Make a list of all the projects you want to complete
  • Divide the projects into categories. Here is what my categories looked like:
  1. Pink: A project that requires less than one hour to complete and supplies available at home.
  2. Yellow: A project that requires 1-3 hours and the supplies are available at home.
  3. Green: A project that requires greater than 3 hours and needs supplies to be purchased. (ie: weekend projects)
  • Paint tongue depressors one of each color
  • After the tongue depressors are dry, write the projects onto the tongue depressors
  • Store all the depressors in a clear container and grab one out whenever you are ready to tackle another project.
Organizing Craft Projects

The projects have been placed in a canning jar and are in their new home on an end table in our living room.

Whenever a “bored” moment hits or if a weekend in need of a project arrives, I can pull out a project and dedicate all my attention to it until it’s completed entirely.

I am excited to see each of these get completed without the stress that often plaques long to-do lists. The best part: I can add more projects at any time!

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