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Bathroom cabinet organization and storage ideas

Now I like to think of myself as a pretty organized individual, but I will admit even in my house there are places that haven’t been given much attention since the day we moved in.

The goal this week is to give a bit of TLC to one of the most commonly neglected spaces in the household… the bathroom cabinet.

Today, with this post, I am wearing my shame proudly as I show you evidence of what our master bathroom cabinet looked like until today.

The truth is, even though I knew it needed to be cleaned and organized, this was one project I said “I’ll do that later” to quite often.

Bathroom Sink Cabinet Before

To fix this mess I spent a few minutes thinking about what my goal for the space was.

I decided the main goal was to have everything visible at one time and for the important things [ie: medication and first aid] easily accessible by my dear husband.

To accomplish these goals I purchased a three drawer Sterilite container from Walmart and four small black canvas totes from Bed, Bath, and Beyond.

Steps to Organize the Bathroom Cabinet

1. Empty the cabinet of its contents

Getting everything out from under the cabinet was the first step. Getting a clear picture of what I had was important so I could know what to discard and what to keep.

2. Give the cabinet a good cleaning

Since the cabinet was filled with clutter, it is guaranteed it hadn’t been cleaned. So this was a great opportunity to give the whole space a nice wipe down.

3. Sort through everything

This is an important step in clearing out the clutter and excess. I swear to you there were four boxes of tampons, three bottles of aloe, and three bottles of mouthwash.

If for nothing else, I needed to organize this so I would stop shopping like I had a house full of sunburnt, bad-breath, teenage girls. 

4. Establish a plan for organizing what remains.

Once I had sifted through everything I planned exactly how I wanted to use my pretty empty containers. I decided the following:        

For the Sterilite container:

  1. First Aid: all first aid ointments, bandages, hand sanitizer, wound care, etc
  2. Medications: All medications [pretty self-explanatory]
  3. Dental Care: extra toothbrushes, toothpaste, floss, and whitening strips.

For the four totes:

  1. Lady Supplies: you probably get the idea.
  2.  Hygiene Product Surplus: all the extra unopened shampoos, soaps, etc
  3. Sun Care: sunscreen and our surplus of aloe
  4. Lotions and Body Sprays: all our lotions and sprays I also included a small basket to hold our travel containers so they are easily located when it’s time to head out. And there is now a basket for the flat iron, curling iron, and blow-drier. 

So no longer feeling shameful….here is the finished product! 

Bathroom cabinet organization showing supplies in organizational bins.

 Every tote has a specific purpose and every item is easily seen so I am able to know quickly what to purchase. 

Bathroom cabinet organization organizational bins labeled for first aid, medication, and dental care.

The key to maintaining this bathroom cabinet organization was to label everything. 

I used my new label maker to label each of the drawers. This allows my husband to know exactly where to look for something.  

Here is a final look at the results of the bathroom cabinet organization!

Bathroom cabinet organization before and after. Bathroom cabinet before showing messy cabinet. After shows clean, organized bathroom cabinet.

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organization ideas for a messy bathroom cabinet


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