Making Scrap Fabric Useful Again

Pictured below is my scrap fabric drawer. As a crafter, this is my dump drawer where I send all of my “oh-I-will-totally-use-that-again-someday” pieces. Over the last year I have been dropping bits and pieces of left over fabric from all my completed projects into this bin with hopes of returning one day and being struck with a genius crafting idea that could make use of random bits of fabric. Adding this drawer to the organizational series finally gave me a reason to open the drawer up.

After pulling out the drawer to take a peek inside I learned one interesting and helpful fact….I like what I like.  This means over the last year I have picked out fabrics for various projects and because “I like what I like” many of the fabrics are similar and can easily be paired into a new project.
Armed with this new bit of knowledge, I decided to rummage through my scrap drawer and make my salvage fabric useful again. The first step was to make each piece of fabric useful again. To do this I cut off all the random edges to make the remains a bit cleaner and more user friendly.
Artifacts from previous projects.
Next step was to organize the fabrics into groups based on their colors and designs. I ended up with three groups of fabric. For each group I folded the individual pieces and used a ribbon to tie them off. The end result was three bundles of fabric ready for future projects. 

Making current household things useful again is going to be a theme throughout this series. Today, in less than an hour, a drawer full of abandoned scraps was turned into three future projects. Here’s one last look at the before and after.
What supplies in your craft or hobby room can you re-evaluate to create something new?


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