On our way to being homeowners

Friday my fiance and I met with the loan officer and got our pre-approval paperwork in place and signed. Saturday we began looking at houses. We are super lucky in that one of my closest friend’s husband is a Realtor and he hooked us up with his partner/best friend to help us find houses in the area. Prior to our viewings my fiance and I had scoured the list of houses our realtor gave us. We even drove by and checked out a few. We had settled on a list of favorites that included 6 houses, all of which we got to see yesterday.

We went from house to house and along the way we found somethings we liked, we gathered ideas from houses we weren’t in love with, and we also had some disappointments. Our first disappointment was a house we thought would be a great fixer-upper but once we entered the house we realized it was a fixer-upper outside of our current budget and time availability. From there we went to our second favorite house. The moment we walked in the door I was sold. I am having a relationship with this house. It isn’t huge but it is beautiful. It has high vaulted ceilings, open floor plan, awesome backyard, a pool….it is so awesome. And the best part is that it has things I can do to keep my DIY-self busy but not such huge projects I would be stressing myself out.

So we put in an offer. We should find out in the next few days. Needless to say I am so excited!!


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