Old Wives Tales and Third Pregnancy Gender Reveal

Simple gender reveal fun for baby number three

The time has come! We are finally far enough along to learn the sex of little baby three! We are excited to share our gender reveal! Yesterday we had our anatomy scan and thankfully the little one was cooperative in letting us know which clothing to take out of the attic.

With both of my previous pregnancies I had a strong “feeling” what baby was going to be well before we were able to find out. I just knew Asher was a boy and Ellery was a girl.

These silly siblings can’t wait to share the good news!

Sibling gender reveal

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With this little one, it has not been that easy. I have leaned most heavily girl but there are days when I sway a bit towards boy. Of course we are simply wanting a healthy baby and gender doesn’t matter. But it is fun to play these little games!

Just for some fun, I thought I would share the results of some old wive’s tales to see where this little one falls.

I did this with both Asher and Ellery. With Asher, we even did a big ol’ gender reveal party. To share the gender of our second pregnancy we did a fun sibling reveal.

So here are the results of the old wive’s tales for baby number three.

For added fun we asked the kids what they thought the baby would be. Asher said girl, Ellery said boy. The hubs and I both have a feeling it’s a girl.

The ultrasound went great! Baby was super active and squirming all around. Everything checked out great and we learned…

Baby number three gender reveal idea

Of course, we were simply praying for a healthy little one, but I must admit I am sooo excited to be adding another little lady to the family! I have even started dreaming of the adorable shared room Ellery and this little one will have!

Both Asher and Ellery are thrilled to have a baby sister on the way. Ellery can’t wait to have “babee sisser” out so she can live her best life with a real-life baby doll. Asher is a veteran big brother and is already making plans for being the first one to hold his new baby sister.

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