Nursery Updates and To-Dos

It’s so hard to believe that I am in the third trimester. According to my little app on my phone (come on you know all you preggos have them too), we have 82 (or less) days until little man makes his arrival. HOLY CRAP! Seriously though where have the last 7 or so months gone? I don’t feel like I have been pregnant that long. Well with the arrival getting closer and closer every day, the hubs and I still have to knock out the following:


  1. Organize the nursery closet
  2. Wash all of little man’s clothes
  3. Finish up nursery decor projects
  4. Buy any essentials we aren’t don’t have after the baby showers
  5. Put away/organize all of little man’s stuff. Make the nursery ready to use as soon as we get home. 
Labor/Delivery/Bringing home baby:
  1. Attend our birth classes (these start in February)
  2. Pack our hospital bag
  3. Finish up everything for work so my replacement can do my job for 12 weeks
  4. Install car seat bases in both our cars
  5. Figure out a birth plan
I am sure things will be added to this each week, especially the closer we get. But for now this is what we are focusing on. What did you do to prepare to bring home your little ones?


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