Nursery [Before] and Progress

The hubs and I were snowed in yesterday which ended up being a blessing because we were able to make great progress on Little Man’s nursery and we will share updates soon. In the meantime I thought I would catch you up on the nursery thus far. If you recall, the hubs and I were in love with elements of a nautical theme before we even found out what we were having. We decided if it was a little lad we’d go with a navy blue/white color scheme and if it was a little lady we do an aqua/grey/white color scheme. Well as you know we are expecting a little lad, so here is where we are with his nursery. This spans about three weeks so please excuse the picture overload.
The room we are using for his nursery is the 2nd of our 3 bedrooms and was previously used as a catch all/workout room and it needed some work. The walls were a lovely shade of baby blue and needed to have a few places patched/smoothed out. The hubs did an awesome job of knocking that out in only a day or so.
The random TV was all that remained of the former workout room
My handsome hubby
We decided a few things had to be done to get this room to our liking.
  1. We needed to repaint the wall (obviously)
  2. We wanted to change out the awful tan outlets for white and while we were at it why not change them out with childproof outlets.
  3. Repaint or replace the baseboards. We decided to try the first option before spending $ on the second.


Once we had our plan we headed to Lowes to pick out a paint. We selected Valspar’s Deep Sea Diver. [In no way was it meant to be punny…it really was the color we loved the most.]


Then we got down to painting. Yes I helped paint but the window was opened, fans were going, and I took more breaks then I did actually paint so I am confident little man will be just fine.

And here’s a peak at how the color turned out  [please ignore the mid-makeover mess].

I LOVE it! It turned out better than I expected. And we were able to repaint the baseboards with no issue and the hubs swapped out all the outlets.

We’ve been super busy with the room so stay tuned for more updates and even a glimpse into a few side projects I have been working on!



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