New Year’s Resolutions, Well Sorta

So I say sorta because well it is the middle of January and I am just now getting around to putting my goals down on paper. This year I will be adding another little one to the family so there are certain things that immediately top the list. These include:

1. Finishing big household projects (such as the never ending kitchen remodel)

2. Organizing finances and creating and STICKING to a new budget. This one I have already started by reworking our paper records systems, moving files digital, and developing a more organized payment system to prevent bills from falling through the cracks.

3. Organizing my day to day life so I stay on task more. For this one I have ordered the Family Planning planner from Plum Paper. It is set to arrive in a few days and I am beyond excited!

Other goals this year include:

4. Continuing and improving on our 2015 goal of being healthier as a family. In 2015 we did multiple races together and spent many evenings/weekends doing physically active things as a family. These things included running, the park, walks, playing outside, swimming. I want to continue to stay active but also swing our focus to food and what is going into our bodies. I have always worked to insure Asher is eating well but Jacob and I weren’t always so good. This year I will focus on more home cooked meals (fewer out to eat meals), and eating a more balanced, less processed diet.

5. De-stressing my life and finding more balance emotionally. For this I have made it a priority to eat better, workout, and most of all focus on my spiritual/emotional health by returning to God. I have been working on a new Bible study by She Reads Truth and I am loving the peace God is bringing back into my life. This one will be a slow(er) road than some of my other goals because I easily fall back into old habits of stress and anxiety but I will continue to make my mental health a priority this year.


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