Nella the Princess Knight Birthday Party

Just a few weeks ago celebrated our little Ellery turning three! This last year has been so fun as she has really come into her own as a person.

Over the last several months she has been finding what brings her joy and it is exciting for us to experience. One of the things that bring her immense joy is Nella the Princess Knight.

Nella the princess knight birthday party. Letter board.

Who is Nella the Princess Knight?

Now if you are confused like I was, let me fill you in. Nella the Princess Knight is an adorable, but obscure, Nickelodeon show for little ones. But Ellery found her love for it when she found Nella books at the library.

From there it was discovered it was also a cartoon series and her love continued to bloom. It wasn’t long before miss Ellery was asking for a “Nella Party” for her 3rd birthday.

But here was my dilemma… Nella the Princess Knight, while adorable and fun to watch and read, it is not nearly as popular as other shows on that network.

Nella the princess knight birthday party banner.

It was nearly impossible to find anything related to the show, even on Pinterest. Most party ideas pointed to generic princess parties and finding any sort of actual Nella the Princess Knight decorations was a struggle.

It wasn’t until we were at Target one day that I noticed, randomly, the purple and teal color combo of the show. Much to my great surprise (and pleasure!) I discovered Target is the only store that carries anything Nella the Princess Knight related. You had better believe I scooped up some goodies to add to the party and gift table.

The Details

Since planning for the party started with nearly zero ideas, I opted originally to stick to the purple and teal color scheme through affordable and disposable plates, cutlery and tableware.

Nella the princess knight birthday party decorations.

Using those same colors, I created a fun background behind the food table. I added to the table and backdrop the Nella decorations for some additional fun.

Nella the princess knight birthday party ideas
Nella the princess knight birthday party ideas

Cupcakes will forever be my go-to for my kiddos. Baking is not a strength of mine, and likely never will be, so these little treats keep the party planning stress free.

Nella the princess knight birthday cake ideas.

I simply ordered cupcakes with matching icing colors from our local big box store. Each cupcake included a unicorn that matched the color scheme. These unicorns were found for only $3 at in the Target Dollar spot.

Unicorn cupcake toppers

The birthday girl LOVED all the Nella decorations and would walk around the table pointing out each Nella and Trinket picture.

Nella the princess knight birthday party ideas
Nella the princess knight birthday party ideas.

And keeping with tradition I purchased a Nella the Princess Knight book, Sing Your Song, for all the guests to sign.

Nella the princess knight birthday party ideas.

Party favors were my go-to of yummy snacks and juice tucked into purple bags. I added a large bubble wand for each little one.

Nella the princess knight birthday party favors.

Thankfully the weather was beautiful and we fired up the grill for some easy hotdogs and bbq fare. The party was made perfect by all the friends and family that joined us to celebrate our little lady.


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